Frightland Haunted Attraction

Friday, Oct 7, 2022 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
309 Port Penn Road

Frightland Haunted Attractions located in Middletown Delaware has been named a Top 10 Scariest Haunted Attraction in the country by Travel Channel, Forbes and Huffington Post. We offer 8 unique haunted attractions including a 1 mile long Haunted Hayride, four indoor haunted houses and much, much more.

Horror Hayride
There is nothing quite like a relaxing hayride on a brisk Fall evening to help you unwind. You won’t find that at Frightland. Our haunted hayride takes you on a mile long journey through the fields and woods of the Frightland property. Since Dr. Idalia’s death, many of his escaped experiments took to living in the woods away from the manor where they could stay under the radar. Additionally, nefarious types from all over found refuge in the vast darkness of the property. You will come face to face with some of these dangerous souls, who are sure to be angry that you’ve discovered them.

Haunted Barn
It was in this very barn that Dr Idalia found his daughter Isabella had committed suicide when he discovered her lifeless body hanging from a rope tied to the rafters. Since then, the barn has been a haven for spirits, demons and entitities that have refused to move on from our world. From the ghosts of former patients who violently died at the hands of Dr Idalia’s unfathomable experiments to lost souls who refuse to leave the property, the Haunted Barn is not a place for the sensitive or weak willed.

Idalia Manor at Frightland
Dr Thaddeus Idalia was a well respected doctor in the small town of Middletown, Delaware. That is, until he discovered his daughters lifeless body hanging in his own barn nearby.  His beloved Isabella had committed suicide and it drove him to insanity.

He refused to leave the property and mostly confined himself to the Manor where he began conducting unspeakable experiments on both human and animal subjects. His intent? To bring the dead back to life. Barely keeping them alive, many eventually escaped on to the property, while others remained in the house. Dr Idalia is said to still be seen roaming the halls of the manor looking for his next experiment.

While clearing part of the woods on the property, yet another grueling discovery awaited – a building that Dr. Idalia used to conduct fear experiments on his unsuspecting patients.

Arachnophobia. Coulrophobia. Achondroplasiaphobia.  Dr Idalia left no fear untested. Be prepared to face your own worst nightmare as you enter Fear.

Ravenwood Cemetery
To keep the authorities from catching on to what he was doing, Dr Idalia took to burying his victims on the property. Over the years, he buried hundreds of the bodies of his experiments. Some died horrible and cruel deaths, while others had never died at all. You will find both roaming the cemetery waiting to seek their revenge on any who dare to enter their final resting place.

The Attic
Recently uncovered by the staff of Frightland, the Attic above the Barn was Isabella Idalia’s personal playground. After Isabella’s suicide, Dr Idalia locked up the attic  and never step foot in the attic again. In fact, no one step foot in the attic again until Frightland staff were finally able to gain access inside. To this day, you can still hear the laughs – and screams – of Isabella Idalia as they echo through the halls of the attic.

Zombie Town
When Dr Thaddeus Idalia’s father, Dr Jacob Idalia, moved the family from tombstone Arizona to Delaware, he settled in a quaint house in a mining town located near his sons property. Thaddeus studied medicine while he lived in the manor. Jacob took care of the ill in the mining town. As the gold rush boomed and the thirst of outlaws grew to such frenzied extremes that they were willing to kill for more wealth, Dr Jacob’s wife and two daughters were killed in a house fire intentionally set by the outlaws.

Seeking his revenge, Dr Jacob Idalia poisoned the well water of the town, slowly killing himself and everyone in it. Innocent or guilty, every last one of the townspeople died a slow horrible death. Now, they will inhabit the town forever as ghosts – enternally damned to the place where they were murdered.

Zombie Prison
Underneath the grounds of Frightland lie a network of tunnels and prison cells where Dr Idalia caged his most violent and dangerous experiments. Locked behind pure steel bars, 13 feet underground they were housed far away from access to freedom. Except that when Dr Idalia died, they were able to free themselves.

In your visit to the Zombie Prison, you will come face to face with purely insane inmates who have been waiting to take their revenge on someone… on anyone at all.

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