The 10 Coolest Coffee Shops in Delaware!

Coffee shops are not just a space to sip on your favorite caffeinated beverage. It’s about the ambience, the overall vibe the coffee shop gives us. Whether you’re sipping on a brew with a friend, a date, or you’re doing it over a blog post, Delaware has something for you. The First State is home to plenty of cozy and cool coffee shops. Here are our 10 favorites.

1. The Fractured Prune, Rehoboth Beach and Fenwick, DE

Ocean breezes, piping-hot coffee and America's favorite donuts await at the Fractured Prune. Featured by the Food Network, the Washington Post and The Sun, this vibrant maritime cafe serves top notch coffee and what some people are now calling the best donuts in the nation. Take a tip from the locals and try a hot donut of any flavor topped with a scoop of ice cream and a hazelnut brew. As the ocean gathers around you on all sides, you’ll have no choice but to meld with the scenery.

2. Treehouse Cafe, Wilmington, DE

Past takes on future in this vintage inspired, health-driven java bar. Treehouse is a new addition to the Trinity Vicinity neighborhood and a welcome one indeed. Their focus on health and dedication not just to coffee, but also to the outlying community, is already making them a stand out shop, a feat that gets a bit more difficult to accomplish each year as Wilmington continues to establish itself as a hub for entrepreneurial advancement. Here, the smiles and atmosphere are as warm as the coffee itself.

3. Trader's Cove Coffee Shop, New Castle, De

History buffs will rejoice at the chance to sip a coffee brewed in a building constructed in 1682. One of the perks of perusing the first state is touching a bit of present day history and that's one of the many reasons why Trader's Cove was named a “Best of Delaware” café. The classic setting of the shop features a vintage brick alley and museum. For the full experience, take your cup of joe back to the Secret Garden and enjoy an intimate moment of reflection.

4. Drip Café, Hockessin, DE

You're a caffeine aficionado. You don't just dabble in the art of coffee, you live for it! If that sounds like you, Drip Café is a stop you'll want to make. This company thrives on serving sustainable, local products whenever possible and their attention to detail when it comes to crafting coffee continuously pleases the surrounding community and everyone who ventures inside. This freshly brewed establishment is great for early risers, with doors opening sharply at 6:30 a.m.

5. Barnes & Noble Starbucks, Multiple locations

Arguably the brew house that changed the way we drink, Starbucks is a classic and with their recently released "secret menu" now in circulation, this iconic shop still manages to satisfy our undying thirst for innovation. From a lounge chair in their public seating section, you can take a window seat into the early 2000's: a time when paper magazines and paperback novels lined the shelves as far as the eye could see. This particular Starbucks is mere footsteps from the Concord Mall and Ulta Cosmetics as an added bonus.

6. The Artful Bean, Bethany Beach, DE

What could be better than an art gallery by the sea? How about an art gallery by the sea that serves some of the best coffee in the state? When the folks over at The Artful Bean decided to showcase a variable collection of works from local artists while serving up caffeine for the soul they created a creative beach lover’s haven and the coffee is as cozy as the atmosphere. This café is reflective of the lackadaisical lifestyle enjoyed along Delaware’s sandy shores. Its doors open a little later than most. For the best possible experience, check in any day of the week between the hours of 8 a.m. and noon.

7. Eefoc’s Café, Wilmington, DE

The touch of the Amish meets the luck of the Irish at this family-run coffee house that’s just a stone’s throw away from the Wilmington River Walk. This semi-new establishment housed in an obscure brownstone is easy to miss but delightful when found, a hidden gem on an elongated list of local favorites.

8. The Perfect Cup Café, Hockessin, DE

This independent coffee company is the people’s choice in and around Hockessin. Not only do they serve a wide variety of delicious coffee, but they also offer amenities not found in other indie cafés. For example, their morning hours are excellent for early risers. You can grab a cup of java here from 5:40 in the morning and well into the afternoon. They also feature a prepaid service that lets customers order over the phone, so waiting in line here isn’t necessary. If you’re seeking an intimate gathering place in an unexpected setting where you’re waited on rather than waiting in line, this really is The Perfect Cup.

9. Loma Coffee, Wilmington, DE

Regarding friendliness, ambience, efficiency and a true dedication to the art of roasting coffee beans to perfection, Loma consistently delivers. This is a local’s hotspot featuring a whole host of amenities that range from ample bike parking to affordability, on-site Wi-Fi and the option to utilize Apple Pay. Mostly, people come here for the taste which is delectable in every way.

10. Brew HaHa, Multiple locations

The eclectic setting in this idiosyncratic café looks like what would happen if “The Great Gatsby” had a steampunk crossover film. Crushed velvet, swaying chandeliers, contemporary seating beside a crackling fire and more make this one of the hottest destinations in Delaware. Their savory brews inspired by the Tuscan countryside have hit the Best of Delaware list for two consecutive decades. What’s more, Brew HaHa now maintains several locations across the state and they’re always on the edge of the trends. Free Wi-Fi and dog friendliness are a couple of their many forward-thinking amenities. Should you decide to pull up a stylish side chair in this one of a kind café, their delectable Newark sandwich is a great, Italian menu choice that truly brings out the flavor of their coffee.

Delaware thrives on innovation and it’s a well-known hub for entrepreneurship, so don’t be too surprised when you see new eateries popping up on corners across the state. Check back with us for highlights on new businesses, eateries and gathering spaces.

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