7 Best Places for BIG Food in Delaware

Are you hungry? Really hungry? You're in for a challenge. Delaware is home to a variety of restaurants serving up some monstrous eats. Whether it's a 4.5-pound burger or 20 scoops of ice cream, these places do things big. Just make sure you bring your appetite! Here are the best places for BIG food in Delaware.

Jeff's Taproom & Grille, Bridgeville, DE

Jeff’s Taproom & Grille has been slinging burger and pouring cold ones for more than 50 years. And your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to down a monster sandwich stuffed full of three of Jeff’s signature cheeseburgers, two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, half a pound of fried onion petals, and all of the typical burger fixings. Oh, and there is also a pound of crinkle-cut fries to get through, too. If you somehow manage to pack this all away (four pounds in all) in under 30 minutes, the meal is free, and you get a tee.

Chelsea Tavern, Wilmington, DE

Chelsea’s Tavern invites you to take the Chelsea Challenge any day of the week. If you choose to accept, you’ll face off against six eight-ounce burger patties with bacon and cheese, and you will also have to tackle one pound of fries/onion rings and a giant house-made pickle. If you manage to get this three-pound meal all down in under a half hour, the meal is on the house.

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Deerfield Golf Course and Restaurant, Newark, DE

The restaurant at an 18-hole championship level golf course comes complete with an insidious challenge for those who feel brave enough and hungry enough. The Doomsday Burger Challenge boasts two 10-ounce beef patties with all of the fixings, two onion rings, and, of course, a bun. The catch is that there are also two grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed inside the burger, and, if you finish the beast, they put your name on the wall and wheel you out in a wheelchair.

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Mommom’s Ice Cream, Dover, DE

Ice cream is a high-calorie treat any way you slice it but add in the fact that Mommom’s is handmade and boast delicious sounding flavors like Chocolate Mint and Eggnog, and you have got dessert that is hard to resist on any day of the week. Now, if you make your order a Belgian waffle, four large scoops of ice cream, four toppings, and a shake, you have Mommom’s Ice Cream Challenge. Finish it in under 10 minutes, and it is on the house. Good luck with that.

Charcoal Pit - Original & Big Restaurants, Wilmington, DE

As part of their regular menu, Everything but the Charocal Pit is recommended for two to four people. That said, if you can get through the 20 scoops of ice cream, banana spears, chocolate syrup, crushed pineapple, cherries, walnuts, and whipped cream, you sure to gain the admiration of all of those who witness the spectacle.

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Bethany Blues, Lewes, DE

At Bethany Blues, they are about two things: Barbecue and bourbon. And, every year, their Pig on a Wing contest draws crowds of competitive eaters hoping to take home the prize of “Biggest Meat Defeater.” To achieve this honor, challengers must down pork riblets smothered in wing Hot Sauce for 13 minutes. Whoever consumes the most is the winner.

2FatGuys American Grill, Hockessin, DE

At 2 FatGuys American Grill, they have a saying, "Never trust a skinny chef.” And that saying is definitely supported by their Big Burger Challenge. This monster meal consists of two one-pound burgers and a pound of fries, and, if you pack away in under 20 minutes, you get to dine for half off, and your greasy mug will be added to their Wall of Shame.

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