World Cafe Live at The Queen

500 N Market St

About Us:

World Cafe Live has been built on a simple insight: that a place dedicated to showcasing live music should be a place that attracts and inspires live musicians. The result is a three-tiered music hall in which every detail has been designed to optimize the live performance experience, from sight lines, lighting and acoustics to green rooms, equipment access and concierge service.


christopher sanger

Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017

First visit since Live Nation took over and probably the last. Everything is different and not for the better. The once welcoming place now has all the charm and decoration of a NYC subway restroom. The food was horrible, the service scare and it was freezing in there. I used to comment to friends how awesome the Queens sound system was. Sadly it has been replaced by something much less and operated by someone with no interest. Expect TSA level security. I had to return to my car to stash a less than 3 inch pocket knife. BTW, the knife would have been useful as the food order did not include any utensils. Tickets cost more, higher handling charges, expensive food and drinks all come with less, less and less. I did find it ironic that the least helpful people there had shirts that said customer service in big letters on their backs. There were more if them than wait staff and BTW customer service stands for bouncer.

Amber Poore

Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017

I've been to many shows at the Queen when they were owned by the World Cafe Live, but have yet to see what's changed since Live Nation took over just a couple of months ago. This review is based on the former.. The Queen is a beautifully restored historic building. There is an upstairs area where they serve food and acoustic or small acts sometime perform on a small stage. The downstairs area is pretty large with a gorgeous balcony (that I'm hoping they actually utilize now). The stage isn't too far so you still have a good view of the performers, even from the very back. There is a parking garage located directly next to the venue so parking is never an issue and it's not (at least, wasn't) too expensive to park there. I'm really hoping they redesigned the bar because it was always hell fighting the crowd to order a drink. I hated having to aggressively push through to get to a spot where I could even try to flag down a bartender. Live Nation has started bringing some more well known acts to the area, which is really awesome. I'm happy that I may not have to travel all the way to Philly anymore to see some great live shows!

D. Harper Meek

Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017

Their website said "show at 8:00". Ticket said "doors at 8:00" show started at 9:25. Background music during 90 minute wait was all bass and drums, not in style of the act to play, and just bad! Draft beer in a 12 ounce cup was 1 inch of head - less than a 10 ounce pour! The main floor was COLD! probably less than 60 degrees, and drafty - lots of people didn't remove heavy outside coats! Sound mix was way too heavy on bass. The show was two 40 minute sets - shorter than the time we spent waiting for the show to start! This was our first time at the Queen since Live Nation took over the site and we will not be back.

Shaggy Schierbaum

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017

The venue is absolutely incredible. Door staff were polite and quick. The event staff were ok. Bartenders pour very light drinks. The beer selection is suitable. The food is OK at best. Security kept a close eye.

Rebecca van Benthem

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017

Excellent music venue. We had to wait outside for longer than is comfortable before the show but parking was easy and the venue is intimate but large enough to put on big acts. I would recommend