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Felton - Killens Pond State Park

5025 Killens Pond Road

Natural and recreational opportunities abound at Killens Pond State Park, centrally located in the heart of Kent County. The park's centerpiece is the 66-acre millpond which features boating and fishing. The all new Killens Pond Water Park offers resort entertainment in a serene, natural setting. Only about a 1½-hour drive from either the northern or southern state line, Killens Pond makes a perfect home base for exploring the First State. Open year-round, the park's campground and cozy cabins are popular retreats no matter what the season.


Jamie Yayme

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018
I love everything about this place. All the stuff you can rent to take on the water, the nature center with snakes and turtles and usually other cool stuff on weekends. There are miles of trails and you could make your own path between them all depending on what kind of view you want. They have lots of sports areas as well as biking trails specifically and walking trails are kind of separated which is nice. Tons of parking. My only complaint is not really that bad, but the water park is nice, but in the middle of the season when the tourists come it gets so busy and there really isn't a lot of room in the water park even though there is a decent amount of stuff to do considering it's just a nature park. But it has gotten very popular and I think maybe a deep pool should be added somewhere for more dispersement of activities. Even... A wave pool? Water park needs some kind of accommodation for when it has high volume. That's the only complaint any local has that I know. Even tourists think it's ridiculously packed. Take in mind this is only on the busiest of busy days in summer. The week is decent up until Saturday, and they put in some big slides this past summer that really make it worth paying the cheap admission now. All in all, this is my favorite park and I wish I could just get a season pass!

Cara O'Reilly

Monday, Jan. 22, 2018
My boys and I love hiking with the dog. The lake is always nice to look at at the scenic view points, there are enough trails that you can choose how far you want to walk, when you have little legs with you it is nice to have options to turn around and not have to just double back. They love the little park there too, and the bathrooms are convenient and normally quite clean!

Scott Tritten

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018
Neat state park! Very pretty and well kept. Went here with the GF to walk around the lake and we had a great time! It's probably even prettier in the summer time when the trees have all their leaves.

Jamie Mack

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017
We live just a few miles from this park and are regular visitors. Kayaking, walking, frisbee golf, and many other activities. Kids love the water park, but it's not cheap and it's packed during the summer. The campgrounds here are wonderful, cabins are very nice but the trailer and tent sites are great too. Lots of amenities and activities for campers. And the nature center is not to be missed. Site of some great summer camps.


Sunday, March 4, 2018
My favorite place to play disc golf. They also have some great bike trails and hiking trails. Theres a place to rent little boats to paddle around in, though I've never done it so I dont know what prices are like. Park rangers are notoriously strict, obey the speed limits and behave yourself and have a good time!

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