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Holts Landing State Park


Holts Landing State Park is an undiscovered facet of the Diamond State's park system. The 203-acres area contains a variety of beautiful landscapes, from bay shore beach to grassy fields and hardwood forests. Historically, the shores of the inland bays were home to native Americans, who harvested seafood and hunted in the surrounding marshes and forests. After the European settlers arrived, agriculture developed slowly around the "little bays."

The property that is now Holts Landing State Park has a long recorded history as a small family farm. The Holt family maintained a farm with a bayshore boat landing on this site until 1957, when the property was sold to the state highway department. Then, in 1965, the first parcel of land was transferred to the State Park Commission, forming Holts Landing State Park.


Monika Fettig

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017
Great place to walk around and explore, trails r pretty good, was little difficult for my 5 year old though. Awesome for picnic, or just hanging out outdoors and do some fishing or crabbing

Eric Parola

Sunday, June 1, 2014
Went there yesterday (5/31/2014) with some family and a group of friends to do some crabbing and clamming. We had some time to burn so we decided to take a walk along the trails in the wooded area (not along the shore line). BIG mistake. We didn't get more than probably a few hundred feet into the woods and discovered the area was infested with deer ticks, more than I had ever seen before. We quickly raced out of the woods and did everything we could to get the little buggars off of us. If you decide to go hiking in this park (or any park for that matter), make sure to BRING INSECT AND TICK REPELLENT! Also be sure to check yourself very closely when you get out of the woods. A day later I had one crawl off my sneaker onto my hand as I was getting set up to treat them. Being from out of state, I didn't realize how bad it was in the woods of Delaware. After getting home and doing some research, I found out that DE had the highest rate of reported Lyme Disease in 2013. Be safe out there people, Lyme Disease is no laughing matter! The crabbing and clamming part was fun but I'll be keeping my distance from the woods unless I make sure every part of me is properly treated with some sort of insect repellent.

Evan McHenry

Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016
A fantastic local park to relax with the family and do some bank fishing. There's boat docks that can get you in and out of the Indian River Bay to the ocean if necessary.


Thursday, April 28, 2016
Dock kinda high for crabbing but still kinda nice , worth 4$ eh I guess if your using all the amenities can't wait till its crabbing weather to see if it's a good spot all together better than other places that only have boat docks

shawn banks

Friday, April 22, 2016
Summertime crabbing is very good. Clamming as well

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