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Hockessin Haunted House

19 Nathalie Drive

Hockessin Haunted House, a project of Arlene Hitchens and Lori Hitchens Hawk, began in 2002 with one chamber and was open on one night only to family and friends.  Each year it has grown in the number of chambers and now encompasses three floors of the house, with addtional outside scenes in the back, side, and front.

Hockessin Haunted House became a fundraiser in 2008.  Funds raised were donated to the University of Delaware Women's Club in 2008 and 2009.  Being animal lovers, in 2010 we connected with CompAnimals Pet Rescue, to whom all funds have been donated since.  In 2010, for the first time, a ticket price ($3) was charged.  In the same year, University of Delaware student fraternities and service groups were enlisted to serve as actors.  Most of our actors continue to be University of Delaware students from three or more service groups.

Our first support was provided by Katie Hitchens, Alyssa Ristine, and Sarah Crampsey who give us endless hours each year with set-up in addition to their acting roles.  Nancy Skinner was the next to join our team in 2003 and has always been there to act and to help with actor training, sets, and ideas for scripts. In 2008 and 2009, John Michalkiewicz gave many hours night after night helping with set-up and doing everything from making wooden covers for our fog machines to setting up some of our first special effects. Rebecca Coughenour was also a great help in our early years, connecting us with Leslie Hunt of CompAnimals Pet Rescue and helping with promotional materials, actors, and organization.  Randy Ristine joined our team in 2009 and, with his technical and electrical genius and wonderful script writing, has taken us to higher levels than ever dreamed possible.  Terri, his wife, helps every year with refreshments and works most show nights behind the scenes.

Nick and Jen Szupowal joined us in 2015.  Nick, like Randy Ristine, is a technical genius and with his talents the show can only get better.   His wizardry and that of Randy Ristine made the Hellevator sequences a project in itself.  Jen has provided help with set-up, served as an actor and actor trainer, and provided general support.

Ron Stewart is our "handyman."  In addition to constructing many temporary walls and anything else we ask, his works include the electric chair, the slap down box, the coffin raiser, and the construction of the Hellevator.

In 2015, for the first time, we surpassed $2,000 in funds raised for CompAnimals.  In 2016 we came within $50 of raising $4,000--a dream come true.

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