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Fenwick Wine Cellars

Fenwick Wine Cellars
38016 Fenwick Shoals Blvd.

Open: Year Round

On the quaint Pennsylvania shores of Lake Erie, a farming family harvested 200 acres of apples, peaches, cherries.... and grapes, pressing them into juice and sending it all directly to wineries. That is until the family opened their own winery in 1998.

Among them, was a boy a fourth generation farmer taking note. Working alongside his father, just as his father had done, young Adrian Mobilia began to acquire a taste for more than just the fruit. He garnered a love for the family business.

In the mid-1990's, Adrian left the farm for college, to study horticulture at Penn State, acquiring also a MBA from University of Buffalo.

Fast-forward to the year 2008. Though Adrian had moved to Delaware, the aroma of the family business was still fresh in his mind. Thoughts of his own winery began to flourish like vines. And plans were formed that September.

Adrian Mobilia, opened the doors to Fenwick Wine Cellars in January of 2010. Fenwick Wine Cellars is a Delaware farm winery currently growing three varieties of grapes on site: Niagara, Concord and Chambourcin. They harvest, crush and ferment the grapes and additional juices, blend and then bottle the wine.

Today, Fenwick Wine Cellars is known for their specialty shaped bottles such as; a Lighthouse, Pirate Ship, Christmas Tree, Heart and more to come. They are a proud member of the Delaware Wineries Association, the Delaware Beer, Wine & Spirits Trail among others and offers events year round and wine tasting daily. At Fenwick Wine Cellars, the roots run deep. The tradition is long-standing. The Mobilia's invite you to become a part of that... something that has been grown for generations, from the ground up.

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